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Logo Le Grand Danois

Christian Ryge

Le Grand Danois

One stop production service company.

Denmarks oldest full scale production service company offering pristine service for your film or still production.


Adgreen Trained since 2021, First AdGreen job 2017
Bafta Albert trained




Locations in Denmark

Denmark, a north European peninsula with many surrounding islands, is located in the heart of Scandinavia, and offers many possibilities for your next production. Great design and architecture, modern cities, beautiful landscape, easy access to oceans and beautiful, wide beaches, ancient castles and European cities. Denmark has a great sense of modernity mixed with Nordic esthetics and feel.

The country's small size and easy infrastructure make company moves easy and fast, giving a lot of production value. Denmark also offers the mythical magic mountain landscapes in the Faroe Islands and the all-year Arctic possibilities in Greenland.

Locations: Modern Design and Architecture, Urban Cities, Big Modern Cities, Beautiful countryside, Bridges, Windfarms, Green living, Easy access to oceans and beaches

Why come to Denmark

  • fast permit time

  • great infrastructure

  • professional and efficient crews

  • amazing modern cities and countryside’s perfect for a car shoot

  • easy access to boats, ships, and offshore structures

  • affordable productions

  • versatile and multiethnic cast

Previous Clients

Production Company: Erste Liebe, Somesuch, Warner Bros ...

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