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Passion Pictures | Indonesia

We are full service production company with line production service and content production capabilities. Passion Pictures Indonesia has been serving the Indonesian market since 2005.

Due to its massive population and rapid growth, many clients are also keen to either penetrate or increase their market share in Indonesia. In order to do so, all advertising and content production must be relevant to the Indonesian consumer which means it has to be produced locally, with the right nuances. This is something PASSION completely understands. Indonesia also offers the kind of exotic locations and cultures that have attracted many international projects.




Locations in Indonesia

Indonesia is internationally connected via three main airports (Jakarta, Bali, Medan) and domestic route connections to its surrounding islands. Scenic routes, by a new network of highways on the main island of Java, allow access to numerous film location sites. 

Indonesia is a massive country filled with wonderous locations and is blessed with its diverse environmental landscapes:

  • pristine islands, stunning volcanoes, glorious waterfalls

  • tropical jungles, lush terrains 

  • city and urban locations : chic restaurants, rooftop settings, old cities, grungy Sumba

  • extraordinary Terrains

  • coffee and tea plantations

Why come to Indonesia

Jakarta and Bali are points of divergence, making it an international melting pot of people from around the world. Accessibility of talent allow us to help productions with on- the -ground casting for cost efficiency. Indonesia is also equipped with updated film equipment to facilitate shoots in Indonesian environments. There is a world class automobile shoot team with motor cranes and stabilizers. In addition, they have a high end sound stage film studio in Batam and support studios in Jakarta and Bali.

Previous partners

Production Houses: Knucklehead, Moonwalk Film, RSA, B-Reels Film, Epoch Films

Directors: Siri Bunford, Christopher Hewwit, Tom Malmros, Lawrence Dunmore, Amal Har´el

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