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Passion Pictures | Malaysia

PASSION is a fully functional creative production company with more than 20 years of experience servicing production companies from around the globe.

When you work with PASSION, you will be working with the partner of the company, a decision maker. All of PASSIONs partners are hands-on as we get involved in all aspects of production.
After almost 2 decades we like to think of PASSION as a brand that promises to consistently deliver quality; armed with our core beliefs which are hinged on experience, value, ethics and trust.

Kuala Lumpur



Locations in Malaysia

Malaysia boasts a variety of very diverse locations within a 3-hour distance from Kuala Lumpur: beaches, modern cities, jungles, waterfalls, rice fields, caves and more:

  • city / modern streets / freeways (able to do intermittent traffic control)

  • scenic routes

  • multi-cultural streets/landmarks/places of worship that can double up as other countries such as China, India & those in the Middle East

  • multiple options for rooftop bars / city view

  • many types of plantations such as rice fields, tea, palm oil, pineapple and tumeric

Why come to Malaysia

Malaysia, due to its diverse locations and cast ethnicities, can be passed off for other countries such as India, China & those in the Middle East. This advantage allows certain projects to be produced solely in Malaysia, therefore eliminating the need for multi-country travel. Also, with its colonial past, there are many sleepy towns that have been frozen in time, reflecting past eras. English is widely spoken making communication on international productions smooth and easy.

Other points:

  • relatively cheaper compare to our neighbouring countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia.

  • low talent rate

  • shooting with drones is relatively possible if given enough time for permits.

  • we have a Technocrane, a Stabilized Head and a TYR arm tracking vehicle.

  • crew very experienced and familiar with foreign production team.

Previous partners

Stink, Anonymous, Caviar, Radical Media, Carnage, Academy, Tony Petersen, Cobblestone, Carnibird, Moonwalk, Geek, ChiliRed, Freeflow

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