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Bites Studio

Bites is a production studio delivering the most creative product, food and beauty content across TVC, digital, social and experiential.

Bites provides specialized processes, unique film techniques and the best team composed of the best specialists: production managers, producers, SFX specialists – all under one roof. This makes us a unique production partner.

We are one of the best table top studios in the world. During the 7 years of our activity on the market, we have implemented many projects, but also developed a community of specialists cooperating with us.


We want to be an organization that radically reduces the carbon footprint, implements the principles of common sense and moderation, encourages understanding and uses its resources and experience to support efficient projects promoting a greener way.

We implement it with two activities:

  1. Firstly, a reduction in the consumption of unprocessed materials. We focus on the basic essentials in our studios – advanced waste segregation on filming sets, reducing energy consumption by using LED lighting on filming sets, and reducing water consumption.

  2. We have also launched a production fund – we have allocated a budget that allows us to produce several spots a year promoting important international pro-ecological initiatives. For this purpose, we are in the process of establishing connections with international pro-ecological organizations.





  • best gear on the market (Phantom 4K cameras, Alexa Mini LF, Bolt robots)
  • each studio has a stylistic kitchen, canteen, wardrobe and bathrooms
  • great directors and very experienced food stylists
  • with our studios spaces, technical facilities and experienced team we have the world’s largest production potential dedicated to table-top projects
  • own production team and special effects crew
  • rates are lower and thus very attractive

Remote Shooting

Since the start of pandemic we have done numerous projects in the remote shoot formula and it has become a regular part of our offer. We are working with clients form all around the world and it is never a problem for us to match their timezone.

One of the biggest projects we did remotely was a shoot for Maggi. The director was in New York, the client was in Dubai and rest of the crew in our studio in Warsaw.

Here is a behind the scenes of this project:

More information:


Director: Ruben Latre, Rich Hall, Alberto Arellano, Roy Raz, Ronald Koetzier, Paolo Alberto Tonoli

Production Houses: Hostage Films, PPMNext, SEEME Productions, Esse Production House, LaCosa (UAE)

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