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Rachvin Narula

Chopstick Films

Looking for a world-class SFX team to help you realize your vision? Well you have found them! Chopstick Films brings the best of the best in SFX engineering. Our team can tailor your project needs to fit your budget.

Chopstick Films encompasses one of Asia's most experienced and dynamic SFX engineering teams allowing us to create all kinds of specialized electronic rigs tailored for your project to develop stunning visual effects. We know that happens when it comes to the budget - you want to get the best for your money, and it's tough. At Chopstick Films, we've got you covered.





  • experienced in-house operator and two Bolt Cinebot
  • distinctive tabletop studio situated in a 4,500-square-meter studio complex with a variety of pre-built sets such as cafes, kitchens, trains, and airplanes
  • located in Bangkok, Thailand
  • European-quality production at a very reasonable price
  • local best-of-the-breed crew and specialists to offer you an unmatched cost
  • resulting in a much more extended test period and shoot time, which are critical elements in any tabletop project

Remote Shooting

During the early stage of the Covid-19 pandemic, we developed an "Intelligent Remote" shoot using an encrypted, real-time remote production solution and robust workflow.

One such project early in the Covid pandemic was Dos Equis, with stakeholders in Mexico and the US; the director, Ronald Koetzier, in the Netherlands. Chopstick Films aligned itself to shoot time that worked for European and US time zones. Since then, we have shot multiple remote projects worldwide with flexible timing from our studio.


Directors: Ronald Koetizer, Avi Karpick, Ben Dolphin, Greg Ferro, TJ Hall

Clients: Nestlé, Cadbury, Mila Chocolate, Miranda, McDonald’s, KitKat, Dos Equis, Palmolive, Schweppes, Freshtea, Mizone, Yilli Icecream

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