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Philipp „Fiete“ Girardet

Effectiv team sfx gmbh

We are researchers, artists, problem solvers and craftsmen working in and beyond the limits of what is physically possible. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of special effects and table top, we are not only able to implement your idea, we can also develop it together.

In our team we combine the best qualities of art and craft. Creativity and precision are our daily business. Here at Effectiv Team, versatility is also at the core of what we do. Whether you want exploding peppercorns, edible cell phones, flying tires, flowing hair, dancing liquids, or anything else, we are your go-to guys. For this we develop rigs, build dummies ( mock-ups ) and do our best to create fascinating images for you.





  • a pool of materials, rigs and experience that has grown and been perfected over the last 25 years
  • special equipment, like a glass oven, a motion control system, turntables in different sizes and much more can be found on our website
  • two studios, workshops, customer rooms etc.
  • highspeed cameras, with accessories and operator
  • our own dummy workshop
  • a team of experts in food, beauty, liquids, mechanics etc.
  • to be able to react spontaneously, effectively and quickly to customer wishes and ideas and to implement them cost-efficiently

Remote Shooting

We regularly work on remote shoots. The most complex shoot we had recently was a job for the client "Standard Charter" with psyop New York. We also have the possibility to do our own compact remote shoot with our own equipment.


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