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Serkan Ağırgöl

Studio M

We have been the best SFX company in Turkey since 2008. Our lead artist, Serkan Ağırgöl, is one of the most famous talents in Turkey for fine arts, food art and film. Our motto is: "You imagine it, we make it happen".

StudioM has been working on film, tabletop (food, chocolate, coffee, liquid, beauty&fashion), and SFX productions for over ten years, with hundreds of satisfied customers.

Our speciality is producing all of the special effects, props, mockups, and art productions required for your projects under one roof. We are thrilled to offer our clients the ability to manage their projects from beginning to end in one single production hub.

We know that our success comes from cooperating with international and professional teams, interdisciplinary talents, and our creative and meticulous approach in everything that we do. We create a professional atmosphere where clients feel at home in our workshops and foster our relationships with a strong emphasis on information sharing and analytical approaches.

We bring new ideas to unleash creativity in high-speed motion-control solutions. We also combine our extensive material and technical knowledge with the skills of our highly skilled craftsmen to create perfect photo-realistic mockups. This is visible in our various high-quality mockups such as chocolate, ice cream, crackers, fruit, etc.


Turkey provides a discount of 30% of the budget if it is a long-term project. We can help to take advantage of this by contacting the government agencies.
For foreign projects shot in Turkey, the shooting is tax free as all invoices are considered export products (%18 tax).The last good idea is that for US or European citizens visa is free for 90 days.





In Turkey it is easy to find the technical staff and equipment with European quality such as:

  • SFX
  • State of the art camera and lighting equipment
  • Tech crew
  • Food stylist access
  • Kitchens and studios for shooting
  • Creating new rigs

The working principle of our rigs is 1/10th of a second, controlled by pneumatic, electro- pneumatic, mechanical, electro- mechanical and servo motion control systems, offering rigid operation.
Our rigs are designed in harmony with each other, their mobility can be increased up to 8 axes (8 D.O.F), if necessary, and works perfectly with our motion control system "Whip", and other systems such as bolt, etc.

Turkey has four distinct seasons, many flight options, location that mirror European and Asian roads, a vast diversity of nature, a healthy casting variety and much, much more....

Remote Shooting

We offer remote filming services and worked remotely with a Pakistani client and agency during Covid. It is also possible for us to work with remote directors.


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Jazec Szymanski

Olaf Van Gerwen

Ronald Koetzier

Massimo Zambiasi

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