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Angel Films | Hungary

Angel Films has been providing its production services for feature films, commercials, photoshoots and music videos in Hungary and in the Central European region with more than 10 years of experience.

Angel is not just our name, we really aim to surround our clients with an angelic crew giving them a sense of ease as they fly through the whole production process. We believe it’s equally important to provide them with the highest quality productions service along with joyful memories and little gifts to take home from the shared journey´s of film making. It´s hard to describe our pride and happiness when our esteemed clients decide to bring another project to Angel Films. You are welcome to meet us! Who wouldn’t desire to fly with Angels?


We are in the process of signing the pledge of Green the Bid, even though we have incorporated sustainable work practices in both the office and on shooting locations when possible.




Locations in Hungary

There are a large variety of architectural styles in Hungary, they easily double other European cities and famous landmarks. An example of this are German, Italian, French streets, interiors, vineyards, landscapes, etc.

Hungary has huge and small lakes, wide and narrow rivers, endless fields and beautiful forests as well as several backlots: two medieval towns, renaissance Italian city, XIX century New York, 2nd WW barracks, XXI century New York.

Why come to Hungary

  • you’ll find the widest variety of cast, with all ethnicities represented, as Budapest is the biggest capital in the region

  • talents have low rate, daily fee and and buyout fees as well

  • talents are experienced, English speaking and not unionized

  • great stunt crews

  • Hungary have the best animal handlers, beside the regular dogs and cats, we have wolfs, beers, deers and many others as well

  • working days are long, 12 hours with 45 minutes lunchbreak

  • the Crew is very experienced in their field and they communicate well in English

  • there are no unions

  • all the major equipments are available, including all type of cameras, technocranes, Russian arm, steadicams, fightheads, 3D beam splitter, motion controls, drones, etc. 

Previous Clients

Production houses: Rattling Stick, Caviar, Smuggler, Independent Media, Tobbogan, RSA, Caspar&Co Productions, Biscuit Filmworks, Just So, Tobago Films, Gang Films, Storner, e+p films, We Young, Erste Liebe, Soft Citizen, Spy Films, Bacon, Motion Blur ...

Directors: Karim Do, Janusz Kaminski, Tim Godsall, Todd Field, Jonathan Notaro, Peter Atencio, Aladino Debert, Arni & Kinski, Noam Murro, Bjoern Ruhmann, Oskar Holmedal, Gary Lankford, John J Budion, Kenan Moran, Frank Samuel, Rad-ish, Koichi Tokuhira, Yusuke Tanaka, Tomokazu Yamada, Daihachi Yoshida, Anton Watts, Rob Sanders, David Lodge, Jonny Madderson and Jono Stevens, Clay Weiner, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Julien Potart, Carine Charaire and Olivier Casamayou ...

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