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About us & What we Do


Global Production Network (GPN) represents a roster of well respected and well known production service companies internationally. We have been connecting production companies to our Network of companies for 20 years and assisted in finding them financial solutions with regard to country cost effective options, optimum locations related their creative needs, talent diversity, and most importantly, we have provided clients with a 'safety net’ of solid and reputable companies with whom to collaborate with globally. 

Additionally, our NEW division,  GPN Table Top, provides clients with direct access to a collective of global experts in the fields of food, liquid and package related production. 

GPN only represents professionals with long respected and well documented histories within the realm of International production services. Our network has grown over time and is a collective that every producer can benefit from - at no cost.


Our current roster of over 100+ Production Service Companies, as well as our roster of global Table Top Studios, provides clients with a well respected, well vetted, and highly experienced network of companies that is owned and operated by seasoned production professionals thus ensuring clients with a source of comfort and safety when traveling the world.


Upon reaching out to a GPN representative, usually within minutes, a solid production contact abroad is provided. Each contact is an industry professional who is at the top of their game with a solid reputation, financially solvent, ethically and morally responsible. 

Based upon the needs of a client GPN can assist in a variety of ways to determine where best to produce a project. Considerations include: multiple country ´looks’ within a single region, physical-location opportunities not already considered, talent / ethnicity availability, rough overall costs pertaining to physical production, crew and equipment potential, art department quality and depth, table top related projects, virtual studios, the list goes on…


We have committed to sustainable goals, such as reducing our environmental footprints and conserving resources. We work with companies that share our goals of less pollution, producing less waste, and sending it upstream to be reused, or reducing and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions. We aim for at least a neutral carbon footprint and also choose our partners worldwide out of a plethora of emerging mindful and responsible companies and professionals. We work to support reversing climate change and to provide a safe and healthy ecosystem for our future generations. Working together we can visualize, conceptualize and then support all your production goals in harmony with conscientious sustainability goals.