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Logo Gulko Films | Argentina

Sergio Gullco

Gulko Films | Argentina

Gulko Films is a production service company serving production companies of the biggest markets.

Sergio Gullco is a well respected 30 year veteran of the film production industry in Argentina with a long and credible career as a line producer, executive producer and partner with Altana Films, Buenos Aires for the past 13 years.

With a long time ambitions to open his own shop, Sergio launched Gulko Films in October 2021 and has recently joined GPN as our partner in Argentina.

Buenos Aires



Locations in Argentina

Argentina offers a variety of ecological and urban landscapes, and Buenos Aires is home to one of the core production spots in South America. The cities of both Buenos Aires and Mendoza have both modern and European architecture which can double for European cities.

It has incredible natural landscapes such as the red-rock formations, jungles, deserts, salt plains, glaciers and mountain ranges as well as sub-arctic to sub-tropical regions spanning the country.

There are multiple roads and bridges peppered throughout the country in breathtaking settings.

Locations: European/American architecture cities, modern, old, neverending landscapes, mountains, lakes, jungle, tropical, winding roads, glaciers, rivers, beaches, waterfalls, unspoiled locations

Advantages or why to come to Argentina

  • very competetive production figures

  • first class crews, set designers, DOPs, stylists, key grips and gaffers

  • updated equipment & Ucranian Arm

  • long periods of good weather and long sunny 16 hours days in the summer

  • oppostite weather versus northern hemisphere

Previous Clients

Production Houses: SuperJoy US, Stink US, Riff Raff Films UK, Darling Films UK, Knucklehead UK, Czar Germany, Wanda Productions, AOI Japan

Directors: Ben Battersby, Owen Trevor, Scott Pickett, The Dempseys, Simon Verhoeven, The Sacred Egg, Megaforce


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