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Orange Films | Belgium

Founded by Helmut Hutter in 1994, Orange Films has provided film production services throughout France, Monaco & Belgium for over 20 years. Our international team is dedicated to excellence and an overall pleasant experience. All of our crews are fluent in English.

Orange Films is a boutique production company that personalizes services reflecting needs and final usage of videos. Without compromising on quality, we always offer a custom-made package with competitive and realistic budgeting according to the needs of the client.

Orange Films was founded by architect and German expat Helmut Hutter. We are a full service production company, with more than 25 years of experience, covering all aspects of the production process for TV-commercials, feature films, corporate, photo and new media. Our international team provides a range of services from location scouting, casting and post production, to complete project management. Our philosophy: combining a high sense of aesthetic perfectionism with technical excellence, while giving a comprehensive and flexible service, tailored to suit each project.




Locations in Belgium

Belgium is full of fascinating history, stunning architecture, and beautiful cities that make great locations in which to shoot, such as Dinant, Leuven, Tournai, Mechelen, Ardennes, and Antwerp. All of which have been used in many classic films over the years.

Belgium is a federal state divided into 3 cultural communities. Flemish (60%), French (40%) and German (1%).

Why come to Belgium

  • Brussels boasts an incredible network of specialist and multilingual service providers eager to offer assistance in all the pre-production, production and post-production stages. Over 400 enterprises are active in audiovisual activities in Brussels, the cluster gathers 160. In total, media and audiovisual activities represent 15,000 jobs in the Brussels-Capital Region.

  • Belgium's technological expertise is widely acknowledged. Various companies are renowned for their high standard of services, which is matched by an equally enviable reputation for providing these services at highly competitive rates.

  • Belgium has received many awards over the years, from technical Oscars to Golden Palms, as a clear acknowledgement of our cinema industry's expertise.

Previous Clients

Anonymous Content, Anorak, Caviar, Cobblestone, Furelined, ITV, Iconoclast, MJZ, NZK-Warner Studios, Missing Pieces, Niceshirt, Tribeca, Markenfilm, Sterntag, Wunderfilm, Partizan, Pretty Bird ...

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