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APU Productions | Bolivia

With over 15 years experience, APU has grown to be the leading production service company specializing in commercials, features, TV and photo-shoot production.

Established in 2001, APU has grown to become the leading production service company in Peru and Bolivia. Having started with TV shows such as JEOPARDY! and feature films like Indiana Jones and The Temple of the Crystall Skull, APU has grown into the commercial production and photo-shoot industries.

With offices in Lima/Peru, APU is able to offer a wide array of locations. Peru may well be one of the world´s most geographically diverse countries. A vast coastline, mountains, sand deserts, lakes, waterfalls, valleys, ancient ruins and the Amazon jungle are some of the locations available.


We are in the process of getting the AdGreen training and certification.

La Paz



Locations in Bolivia

Filming in Bolivia equals locations with unique landscapes and mesmerizing panoramas. Among the country’s open-air sets, consider the Atacama Desert, Andean peaks, Amazon rainforest. No need for rose-colored glasses here when filming in Bolivia. Other locations include the Salt Desert of Uyuni, the Death Road (among others).

Why come to Bolivia

Talent rates & location rates are very reasonable.

Previous Clients

USA:  Ampersand, K2 Studios, Paramount Pictures, Netflix, Radical Media, Blacksmith Productions, Leo Burnett, Sony Pictures TV, Saloon Media, Holiday Films

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