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Service Station

We are a boutique woman owned company, dedicated and transparent, with an extensive knowledge of what Chile has to offer. Our solid work colleagues and our ability to think out of the box assure our clients of a seamless delivery for all size productions, from the small to the bigger scale project.

We remain a small boutique type company in order to service our projects with full attention and for our clients to have an enjoyable experience in Chile.

Locations in Chile

Within two hours of Santiago, the capital, there are beaches, mountains, American looking suburbs and downtown areas and European type locations. Chile offers the Atacama desert (the driest in the world) in the north, and in the south, rolling, green hills, forests and lakes. There is also the Patagonia region and glaciers. There are a wide variety of roads for car commercials, from the dry, open type, the climbing mountain and the oceanside to forest roads.

Why come to Chile

  • Chile has top internationally trained technicians

  • there is a large diversfied talent pool available

  • the package deals for buy-outs remain highly competitive in comparison to other countries

  • drones, arms and cranes are part of the specialized equipment that can be offered with little restrictions

Previous Clients

Markenfilm, Bakery, Anorak Films, Sabotage Films, Bandits, Park Pictures, AtSwim, Gartner, The Mill, Cap Gung Collective ...


We have a green approach to all our work, but have not been officially certified by any organization. We plan to do so during the course of this year.