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Virginia Cooney

As your production partner, we maintain a unique ability to accomodate any budget from digital documentary spots to more complex TV commercials and films.

We pride ourselves on clarity in communication from the onset of our interaction, using production tools to facilitate project pitches and preproduction. Rambler has access to talent, state of the art equipment, and the infrastructure that Colombia boasts- including studios, the Arri Alexa, technocrane, and Milo Motion control. You will find a one stop team with us at Rambler that will open the door to Colombia’s starkly diverse locations and faces.

Locations in Colombia

Located on the equator, Colombia experiences no seasonal changes-offering 12 hours of daylight year round and climate distinctions based on altitude. It is the only country in South America to have an Atlantic and Pacific coastline, snow capped mountains, thick rain forests, deserts, modern urban cities, and historic colonial centers.

Locations: Beach, urban cities, colonial towns, harvests (coffee, fruits, vegetables, wheat, barley), forests, rivers, mountains, deserts

Why come to Colombia

  • excellent crews

  • diverse talent and locations

  • no seasons & 12 hours of daylight year round

  • new equipment, non-union talent with affordable buyout rates, great bang for your buck with the current exchange rate. 

  • production infrastructure has been expanding exponentially in the past 10 years allowing us to provide incomparable film service at the highest production quality from technicians and operators to art departments and SFX

  • state of the art studios and VFX services if required by the project at very attractive costs

Previous Clients

Independent Media, Radke Films, Agosto, Smuggler, RSA Films, The Mill, MJZ


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