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Five To Twelve

Logo Five To Twelve

Kristyna Kodet

5to12 is a boutique company based in the beautiful capital of Prague in the Czech Republic. As all know, the Czech Republic is rich in architecture. Our crews are world class and have been requested over and over by the many returning clients. Due to our vast history in cinematography, the Czech Republic was the first of the Eastern Countries to become a major film center and we still are the top choice for foreign productions due to our amazing construction department, locations and non-union costs.

Locations in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has been a filming hub for productions from all over the world since the 90s when the Berlin Wall came down. Due to our vast history in cinematography, the Czech Republic is a favorite filming location in Central Europe. We are in the center of Europe, so what we cannot provide locally can be delivered within a few hours. Lastly, Prague’s five star hotels and Michelin restaurants will provide for a comfortable and enjoyable stay while in production. Come visit the “Paris of the East”.

Locations: European streets (all resembling Paris), roads, fields, mountains, backlots, modern architecture, factories, embankments

Why come to Czech Republic

  • no unions and all vendors are independent contractors

  • lower talent and crew rates, crew is requested on production outside the Czech Republic constantly

  • easy drone approval in and around major sights

  • construction department has done thousands of famous sets

  • easy location permit and locations resemble most of Western Europe

  • amazing sound studios

Previous Clients

Production Houses: Backyard, Wondros, Niban-Kobo, Tohokushinsha, Japan Robot, Japan, Caramel Pictures, Trio Films, Markenfilm, Engine, Flying Fish ...

Directors: Charley Stadler, Alexei Tylevich, Will van der Vlugt, Ericson Core