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Dominican Republic

Belladonna Productions | Dominican Republic

Belladonna Productions is a commerical, feature film and TV production company, which has been offering production services to overseas clients for over a quarter century.

Belladonna Productions, Inc. is a production company based in New York City, Los Angeles, Miami and San Juan.  For more than 25 years, we have been providing overseas producers with topnotch production support in North America and the Caribbean.  We have executed productions in most of the 50 United States from New York to LA, from Miami to Anchorage and many places in between.  Our clients have come from far-flung countries ranging from Germany to China, Finland to Israel, India to France and from South Africa to Denmark.


We are a member of Green the Bid


Our TV series Sweet Tooth was the 9th most successful show on Netflix when it came out.

Santo Domingo



Locations in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic offers locations such as beaches, marinas, jungles, hotels, Spanish colonial architecture, general urban environments and a high end water tank for all boat and under-water related needs. 

Why come to Dominican Republic

  • close to the US, Caribbean, Central and South America

  • landscape diversity

  • access to premium equipment

  • major transport links

  • favorable exchange rate to US dollar

  • low talent cost

Previous Clients

Production Houses: Agile Films, BBC, Markenfilm Crossing, Tempomedia, Made In China, Ransom Films

Directors: Akne, Michael Cuesta, Vincent Gerome, Jaci Judelson, Jennifer Messeaux, Pucho Mentasti, Roemberg, Jim Sheridan, Paul Street, Wim Wenders and Olivier Venturini

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