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Virginia Cooney

As your production partner, we maintain a unique ability to accomodate any budget from digital documentary spots to more complex TV commercials and films.

We pride ourselves on clarity in communication from the onset of our interaction, using production tools to facilitate project pitches and preproduction. Rambler has access to talent, state of the art equipment, and the infrastructure that Colombia boasts- including studios, the Arri Alexa, technocrane, and Milo Motion control. You will find a one stop team with us at Rambler that will open the door to Colombia’s starkly diverse locations and faces.

Locations in Ecuador

Ecuador is known as the “Country of Four Worlds” because it is home to four very different geographical locations, as well as ruins, churches and cities within one country, and all within close proximity to each other. The Andes are a world of their own - from 1,500 to over 6,000m mountains with turquoise blue lakes, volcanos, snow capped peaks, beautiful indigenous flora and fauna, birds, ancient Inca ruins, rural villages and markets - this is a film production paradise. One of the most famous of all Ecuadorian sites are the Galápagos Islands, which  is one of the jewels of the world due to its unique flora and fauna and animal species. The Pacific Coast of Ecuador boasts virgin beaches, small villages, colorful markets, and places where it feels like time has stood still.

Locations: beaches, galapagos, urban cities, colonial towns, harvests forests, rivers, mountains

Why come to Ecuador

  • excellent crews

  • diverse talent and locations

  • no seasons & 12 hours of daylight year round

  • new equipment, non-union talent with affordable buyout rates, great bang for your buck with the current exchange rate

  • with the proximity to Colombia, anything that Ecuador is missing can easily be sent from Bogota

Previous Clients

Independent Media, Radke Films, Agosto, Smuggler, RSA Films, The Mill, MJZ


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