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Niko Waaralinna

Cocoa Media Productions

25 years of experience in productions of all sizes.

One of the biggest production houses in the Nordics. We provide full service production with a twist. 25 years of experience.


Finland is a country of sustainability. We work hard to preserve the nature.




Locations in Finland

Being one of the most northern countries in Europe, and the world, Finland boasts some spectacular natural scenery. It has four distinctive seasons with very cold, long and snowy winters and warm summers. There are many places in Finland which have not been filmed, and are in a completely raw and natural  state. Finland offers locations from untouched natural environments to picturesque villages and urban cityscapes, from the wilderness of Lapland to the beautiful Nordic towns and breathtaking archipelago by the Baltic sea. The four seasons, from the northern lights to the midnight sun. From the endless blue hour on a summer evening to the wintry polar night. From the +30 degrees in the summer to the –30 degree frosts.

Locations: snow locations, landscapes, nordic cities, Santa Claus, ice villages, reindeers, bears and wolves. 

Why come to Finland

Finland is a film friendly country. Permitting is relatively easy and we have all the modern equipment available. Airports are close and locations are accessible by car.  Finland has extremely motivated and internationally recognized film crews and all the latest equipment.

In addition it is one of the least corrupt and safest countries in the world. Even Santa Claus and Rudolf the reindeer live here. The infrastructure and services are extremely good, even in the most remote parts of Lapland.

Previous Clients

General Motors, Giorgio Armani, Apple, Finlandia Vodka ...

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