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La Planète Rouge

With more than 15 years of experience in VFX, La Planète Rouge is a virtual production studio in France, distinguished by its cutting-edge technology. Its expertise is the fruit of an evolution towards virtual productions, with a commitment to combining technique with artistic creativity. The fact that our virtual studio, which is called "The Next Stage", is implanted in the South of French within Provence Studios, offers the opportunity for productions to take advantage of all types of sets.


Our expertise comes from the fact that we own our technology (LED panels) and are able to push our r&d continously. We work closely with the system Disguise to improve it. By being in control of the technical part, we can and help the production on the creative part. With our VFX background we can be part of a project from its conception to its delivery. We can create XR content, operate an XR shoot and take care of the post-production. This allows to optimize budget while working with quick turnovers.

Previous Clients

Feature Films:

  • New Line
  • Paramount
  • Lionsgate
  • UGC
  • Pathé


  • Mercedes/ANORAK/Quentin Deronzier /Germany
  • Haribo/LaPAC/France
  • Puma/SHOT IN MARS/France


The studio offers an LED surface 400 square meters with 50 million de pixels (14x14x14m and 6m high), as well as 9 servers rendering real time Disguise/Unreal 5/A6000/4090, which allows him to create immersive virtual environments high quality for various productions.
We also have a ceiling and a mobile LED wall (4x2,5m). We have an HMC room as well as a client room. The Next Stage is located next to decor workshop and backlots.

Technical Facts

  • Our own LED panels
  • Brompton technology
  • Disguise system
  • Unreal 5.3
  • 400m2 of pitch 2.5 tiles
  • Scan 1.8
  • Brightness: 1200 nits
  • 200 fps max in 10 bit


Virtual production is a sustainable way of making films. It saves a great deal of CO2 consumption by helping the crews not to travel and optimizing the length of a shoot, as well as reducing VFX work.
Provence Studio as been labeled by ecoprod as sustainable studio working with solar panels, recycling decors, material and even producing our
own honey.


La Planete Rouge has been nominated for the technical industry of innovation Cesar price in 2022.

Many of our productions received prices such as the short film Warsha (our first project) which won a sundance price and was shortlisted at the Oscar of 2022. More recently a videoclip, "Mama's Eyes" - METTE- won 3 UK video music awards.