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Avion Films

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Annabelle Aronis

Avion Films is a leading production company working across commercials, digital content and long form.
Set-up in Athens in 2007, by Annabelle Aronis and George Tsokopoulos, Avion Films quickly became the preferred partner of some of the world’s biggest brands, agencies, and production companies. It has provided production services to more than 200 international projects shooting in Greece since then.

Locations in Greece

Greece is not just sandy beaches, whitewashed villages, and the Acropolis. Mountain lakes, raging waterfalls, craggy caves and snowy peaks — not many countries feature such dramatic natural locations just a few hours apart. The architecture is as varied as the landscapes, from ruins and neo-classical mansions to ultra-modern architecture and cosy interiors. 

Why come to Greece

  • diverse locations at close range

  • favourable climate: with 250 days of sunshine a year, Greece has one of the mildest climates in Europe

  • cost-effective: cheaper than other South-European countries

  • experienced multi-lingual crew: accomplished film professionals fluent in English, and often more languages

  • resourceful, flexible, and hard-working, our crews get the job done with a smile.

  • diverse casting: Greece’s cast pool includes a wide range of nationalities and ages, available at reasonable fees and buyouts

  • state of the art facilities & equipment: Athens-based 1500m2 stages, and highly skilled set-builders

  • all Arri cameras, Sony Venice, Phantom, Russian arm, Motion control

Previous Clients

Production houses: Partizan, Chromista, Native Content, Iconoclast, Tempomedia, Markenfilm, BWGTBLD, Anorak, The Good People, Excuse my French, TPF, Czar ...

Directors: Nono & Rodrigo, Dael Oates, Michael Schur, David Wilson, Reynald Gresset, Samuel Bennetts, Fiona Burgess, Frank Nesemann, James Fitzgerald


• Cannes Semaine de la Critique, 2021 Canal + award for Brutalia short film.
• Cannes Gold Lion 2019 for Diesel campaign.