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Stratum Film

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Avinash Shankar

Stratum is one of India’s leading production companies and regularly works with major international and Indian directors on TV commercials for Indian and global brands.

In fact, we are the go to company for many international directors, production companies, agencies and clients when they wish to realise their projects in India.

Locations in India

India has an impressive range of locations from lush valleys to deserts, rivers to oceans, major, bustling cities to quiet villages as well as temples, exotic monuments, royal art and palaces. India, in short, is a stunning, colorful and desirable location to shoot. It has the largest film industry in the world, highly experienced and professional crews, awesome food and a great exchange rate. And, of course, the Taj Mahal.

Locations: Forts, palaces, snow capped mountains, beaches, forests, busy market places, modern cities, studio backlots...

Why to come to India

India has the world's largest film industry with top class professionals, spectacular locations and a favourable exchange rate. 

Previous Clients

Production House: Radical Media, Tool of North America, Somesuch & Co., BLM, Tomboy Films, 539090, Division Paris, Wanda Productions, Robot Communications ...

Directors: Henrik Sundgren, Roderick Fenske, Bruce St. Clair, Thomas Dirnhofer, Justin Chadwick, Daniel Wolfe, Erich Joiner, Derek Cianfrance, Tom Kuntz, Bryan Buckley, Garth Davis, Samuel Bayer, Henry Alex Rubin, Harmony Korrine, Douglas Avery, David Denneen, Charley Stadler


"Nike Da Da Ding". Director: Francois Rousselet, Exec. Producer: Jules de Chateleux, Division Paris. Winner Gold Lion (Film) and Bronze Lion (Film Craft) at the Cannes Lions 2017 as well as a Gold in Film at Spikes Asia 2017.

"Caminho Das Indias" or "India – A Love Story". Director: Marcos Schechtman, Producer: Erika Matta, TV Globo. Won an International Emmy in the Telenovela Category, 2009.