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Pull The Trigger

Pull the Trigger has been providing support to international productions since 2015, while repping rostered directors to the local market.

We are a female led company, heavily involved in the local film industry. Leaders on sustainability and diversity issues, we invest in tools and tech to execute our company ethos on both issues.

We do not compromise on production standards, and our wealth of experience in providing large and small international production support ensures that visiting producers and directors get what they need, within budget.


Since October 2021


• ICAD bells 2021, National Lottery, Directions Silver
• Catherine Donnelly Lifetime Achievement Award




Locations in Ireland

Ireland is known for its ease of getting around. Most variety of locations can be found within an easy 1-2 hr drive of Dublin City. The city itself is small and vibrant.

Locations: Beaches; mountains; small city-scapes; period Britain and Ireland; UK doubling; Parts of USA doubling; forestry; agriculture; bars; coastal roads; cross landscape roads; cliffs; lakes; sea-scapes; lighthouses; castles; waterfalls; locations for horror scripts; historical drama locations; fantasy locations; studios; urban street-scapes; rolling green hills; contemporary and twee residential; contemporary office block areas.

Why come to Ireland

Crew in Ireland are considered among the best in the world, innovative and highly skilled. Equipment levels are high due to our busy drama industry, with specialised equipment easily brought in from London, subject to availability. Permitting is relatively straightforward, and in most cases can be turned around in 5-7 days. We are a film friendly country, enjoying support from the state and wider community.

Previous Clients

Anonymous Content, Pretty Bird, Tool of North America, MJZ, SomeSuch, The Sweet Shop, Armoury, Caviar, Cobblestoe, EP ...

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