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Panorama Films

In business for over 20 years, at Panorama, we understand each project’s needs are different and we adapt accordingly. Our strength lies in our technical know-how and local knowledge, which we strive to deliver on all projects, from major feature films to ‘boutique’ productions. Panorama's accounting and cost reporting systems meet North American and European Union standards. We budget on Movie Magic and excel.

Our expertise of the Italian Fiscal incentives and foreign film set-ups has resulted in the company’s reputation of honesty, integrity and professionalism.

Locations in Italy

Italy has approximately 7500 kilometers of coastline, with looks from Mediterranean to Northern European, as well as Asian and Mediterranean countries around the world.

Cinecitta studios, in Rome, offers a multitude of stages and backlot with Roman sets, Medieval sets and space for further builds. Italian cities range from white washed to medieval to baroque to modern.

Why come to Italy

  • Italy offers all HOD's as well as worldwide talent

  • Rome is the center of the film industry in Italy and offers stages, equipment, drones and any other special equipment

  • additional stages are available in Milan and Turin

Previous Clients

Production houses: Independent Media, Serial Pictures, Blink, HBO, Amazon, Netflix

Directors: David Gelb, Ridley Scott, Bradford Young, Mark Mylod


Our productions are green and usually guided by the client or country protocols.


Please check 'tax credit' on our website.