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With over 20 years of experience producing crafted content for the world's best filmmakers, Mr+Positive Productions offers a wide range of support to ensure your experience shooting in Japan is a positive one.

Whilst others struggle to deliver world-class service, we provide agility and connectivity with the best available bilingual crew.

From equipment rental, casting, location scouting, bookings, permits, and remote, Mr+Positive's can-do attitude makes us the positive production force you're looking for.

Additionally, our partner teams at Mr+Post offers post-production services including virtual production, editing, grading, CG/VFX sound design and music licensing.


Straight 8 Shoot Out, Ciclope, Shots Awards, ACIP, Cannes Lions, D&AD, NYF, AdFest, Ad Stars, Spikes Asia, Axis




Locations in Japan

Authentic Japanese urban (Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Nagoya)  & rual locations (Shikoiku, Kyushu, etc.) as well as beaches (Okinawa) and snowy mountains (Nagano). From the busiest streets in the world’s largest city to the serene sanctuaries, Japan has a lot of great places to shoot! 

Why come to Japan

The #1 advantage is that you’ll be working in safe and altogether wonderful Japan!

  • hardworking crews

  • low talent rates 

  • attention to craft

  • pragmatic production

  • positive solutions

Previous Clients

Netflix, MJZ, Stink, Nexus, Goodoil, Photoplay, 1st Ave Machine, Partisan, Tony Peterson, Soup, Oh Boy!, Folke, Plaza Films ...

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