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The Talkies | Lebanon

High quality production services resonating since 1988.

With 34 years of experience, The Talkies is a leading servicing production house in the MENA region, providing high-end content on a local, regional and global scale. It has 5 offices in Beirut, Dubai, Cairo, Riyadh and Casablanca. It also covers the entire Middle East & North Africa Region (i.e. Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Tunisia).


Dubai Lynx: 1 x Silver Prize Craft Film - 2012
Cannes Lions: Shortlisted in Craft Film - 2013
Dubai Lynx: 1 x Gold Film Paid Services - 2014
Dubai Lynx: 2 x Silver Craft Films - 2014
Cannes Lions : Young Director Award - 2015
Cannes Lions: 1 x Bronze PR Category - 2016
Dubai Lynx: Bronze in Film Craft - 2022




Locations in Lebanon

With more that 300 sunny days per year and the four seasons altering from snow in the winter to sun and great weather the rest of the year, Lebanon has a lot to offer in terms of production and locations. As the country is very small (210 km coastline), there is the possibility to shoot up to 3 locations/day, even if they are far apart.

Locations: Old town, modern building, souks, beaches, rivers, grottos, historical sites, mountains, villas, roads, vibrant cities, and calm villages, war/battle scenes

Why come to Lebanon

  • extremely qualified crew

  • latest equipment

  • very competitive rates, especially with the devaluation of the local currency

  • permits are fast to obtain (varies between 2 to 7/8days)

  • drone shoot available

  • large pool of both Mediterranean and European looking cast

  • No visa required

Previous Clients

Park Pictures, PUBG ...

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