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Nafta Films | Lithuania

Nafta Films is a full-service production company with 20+ years of experience in the Baltic region, Lapland and Russia.

We're young, but experienced. Eastern, but Nordic. Not very expensive, but very good. We're fast, but offer great quality. Try us and you will know why our clients often recommend us to their friends and colleagues!


We have developed our own extensive sustainability protocols - limiting single-use materials, using electric transport whenever possible, recycling and upcycling on set.


• Conference (feature film) - Shortlist at Giornati degli Autori at Venice Film Festival, and many other awards

• The Secret Society of Souptown - Best Film (Audience Award) at Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival, Best Children's Film at Zurich Film Festival, Special Award at Ale Kino!

• International Young Audience Film Festival, Bronze Horse at Stockholm Film Festival Junior




Locations in Lithuania

Lithuania is an authentic combination of Northern and Eastern Europe features. The capital is Vilnius and its Old Town is one of the largest in Europe with baroque, gothic, classicism architecture. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

It has about 22,000 rivers, about 6,000 lakes, seaside with five national parks and 30 regional ones filled with virgin forests and unspoiled marshlands. Curonian Spit is an amazing sand dune in southwestern Lithuania stretching 98 km long and 0.4 – 4 km wide. It is also a Unesco World Heritage Site .

Lithuanian is the oldest language in Europe, they also have the oldest tree in Europe – an oak that has survived from the Crusades.

Locations: Beach, road, backlot, old town, modern Nordic architecture, Soviet architecture, forest, marsh, fields, parks, village, sea, islands, airport, port, train, military, ferry, boats, marinas, apartments, lofts, offices, mansions, forts, medieval, abandoned, etc.

Why come to Lithuania

  • 3 international airports (Vilnius, Kaunas, Palanga)

  • Lithuania is member of EU and NATO and also belongs to the Schengen Area

  • climate is transitional, between maritime and continental, cold winters with snow and warm summers

  • low talent buyouts and rates, easy permits for road blocking, drones, etc.

  • all sorts of gear available & proper studios

  • very talented art department and other crew with experience of working on large projects

  • all crew speaks fluent English. Most talents speak fluent English

  • diverse cast possible

Previous Clients

Production Houses: Anorak, Film Deluxe, 27km, MPG Media,  Babelsberg, Peoplegrapher, Tool of NA, MJZ, Furlined, MrMrFilms, Partizan, Prettybird, The Corner Shop, VCCP, Blink, Stink ..

Director: Niklas Weise, Bernd Faass, Bastian Glaessner, Rudi Schwab, Henry Hobson, Bill Aldrich, Jamie Lane, James Rouse ...

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