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Logo Landia

Ezequiel Avaro / Thomas Amoedo


We are a global full integrated content production company with over 20 years of experience in the market.

We were born from the desire to collaborate with fellow directors, producers, photographers and global production companies in the execution of all content driven projects, at any scale. As we are a unique lineage of producers devoted to delivering immediate and accurate feedback, elegant production thinking, flexibility, precision and with special care for results, our commitment to diversity and Inclusion is a beacon in each of our projects.

Powered by more than twenty years of experience, one of the foremost and award winning companies in the world, Landia brings together a global mastery of what superb and precise production service truly means.


• 3 x Palm D´OR
• 50 x Cannes Lions
• 3 x Times Production Company of the Year at Ciclope Latino
• Gold and Silver Ciclope Berlín
• 6 x New York Festival
• 5 x LIA
• 28 x San Sebastian Festival

Mexico City



Locations in Mexico

Located in the southern portion of North America next to the US, Mexico is one of the most colorful and vibrant places in the world. It has a wide variety of locations, from modern cities to colonial cities, beautiful beaches, mountains and deserts that can mirror almost any part of the world. Mexico offers nearly all the ecosystems you might seek with the biggest audiovisual industry of LATAM. 

Locations: Modern city, colonial city, beach, mountains, deserts, jungle, waterfalls, roads, highways, rivers, dunes, cenotes

Why come to Mexico

  • cost effectiveness 

  • well-trained crew & great talent options and diversity 

  • big rental houses available; U-crane , Technocrane, motion control and other special gear available locally

  • variability in locations, mild weather all year

  • close to the US - direct flights to all big cities & multiple domestic flight connections

  • large studios

  • super quality of set construction

  • work visa not needed 

Previous partners

Production Houses:   IT’S US Berlin, Social Club, Honor Society, Suneeva, Blow Up Films, TFC Japan, Strike Anywhere

Directors: Max Luz, Henrik Hansen, Rodrigo Saavedra, Reynald Gresset , Kosai Sekine, Fernando Livschitz, Andrew Battista, Marco Gentile

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