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Shayne Brookstein

Moonlighting | Namibia

Moonlighting is one of South Africa's most trusted and innovative production service companies with 30 years ever-evolving experience in producing content across all platforms from commercials & stills to TV, doccies, reality TV & all digital / social media formats.

When you shoot abroad, you're entrusting your project & your reputation to your service company and need to know you're in reliable, collaborative hands; we get that.

Moonlighting is a small, focused team that can keep things personal and hands on. You can also benefit from Moonlighting’s infrastructure and 30+ years experience in production services.

As budgets get tighter, thinking out of the box is second nature to us and thanks to our combined, extensive experience, we always find solutions.
We have great relationships with producers and directors from all over the world and will let their feedback and our work - of which we're incredibly proud - speak for itself.


Moonlighting joined GREEN THE BID (US based organisation) in 2021. Moonlighting proudly sponsor SENTINEL OCEAN ALLIANCE (South Africa based) - an organisation that provides ocean-based opportunities and environmental awareness for children from coastal communities.


• CyclopeAfrica 2018: Production Service Company of the Year
• Shots 2018: Shortlisted for Production Service Company of the Year




Locations in Namibia

Beautiful Namibia is known for its spectacular desert locations and rugged coastline. Notable places include the sand dunes at Sossusvlei, the dramatic Skeleton coastline, Walvis Bay, Etosha National Park.

Why come to Namibia

  • we bring equipment and key crew up from South Africa

  • film-friendly due to the large number of international feature films that have been shot in Namibia

  • our partner in Namibia has shot numerous productions in Namibia: most recent include Sony Alpha (for Sweetshop, Australia), Monster Hunter (Impact Pictures, Constantin Film), The Mummy (Universal Pictures) &  Mad Max Fury Road (Kennedy Miller Mitchell)

Previous partners

Production houses: 1stavemachine, Serial Pictures, Skin & Bones, Outsider, Tempomedia, Markenfilm, Neuesuper, Bleck, General Pop, Scouts Honour, Giants & Toys ...

Directors: Tim Brown, Scott Lyon, John Hilicoat, Mark Zibert, Tucker Bliss, Kevin Foley, Matthaus Bussmann, Jan Wentz, Henrik Sundgren ...

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