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New Zealand


With over 20 years of experience producing crafted content for the world's best filmmakers, Mr+Positive Productions offers a wide range of support to ensure your experience shooting in Japan is a positive one.

Whilst others struggle to deliver world-class service, we provide agility and connectivity with the best available bilingual crew.

From equipment rental, casting, location scouting, bookings, permits, and remote, Mr+Positive's can-do attitude makes us the positive production force you're looking for.

Additionally, our partner teams at Mr+Post offers post-production services including virtual production, editing, grading, CG/VFX sound design and music licensing.


Straight 8 Shoot Out, Ciclope, Shots Awards, ACIP, Cannes Lions, D&AD, NYF, AdFest, Ad Stars, Spikes Asia, Axis




Locations in New Zealand

New Zealand’s scenery is internationally renowned and unique, often lending itself as an alternative world or time. Our country is famous for its overwhelming range of incredible locations; deserts, volcanoes, mountains, endless coastlines, forests and modern and historic cities. The best part of our diverse landscape is the close proximity. In one day you can be on top of a mountain range, then deep in a thick, native forest, finishing the day out on the water or down a river bed.

With fantasy worlds loved by millions of fans, our stunning and easy-to-access locations also “double" as US, UK, Asian and European settings. You don’t have to travel far for diverse looks and with seasons opposite to the Northern Hemisphere, you can shoot snow in July or wheat fields in February.

Why come to New Zealand

You don’t have to travel far for seasons opposite to the Northern Hemisphere, you can shoot snow in July or wheat fields in February. A Kiwi Christmas is hard to beat in the middle of summer – and the winter mountain ranges turn themselves into glorious white peaks from July. On top of that you get to experience clean air and beautiful light across our untouched land.

New Zealand’s superb actors portray diverse looks and ethnicities and every year more of them are offered high profile roles in film, TVCs and drama shows. Memorable characters from audience favourites include Thor: Raganarok, Avatar, The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies, Live Free or Die Hard, Top of the Lake, Grey’s Anatomy, Peaky Blinders, Fear the Walking Dead, Flight of the Conchords, Riverdale, Hawaii Five-O, The Shannara Chronicles, Power Rangers and many more.

Previous Clients

Netflix, MJZ, Stink, Nexus, Sibling Rivalry, 1st Ave Machine, Partisan, Passerine, Chelsea, Folke, Tony Peterson, Soup, Oh Boy!

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