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Logo Loopfilm Productions AS

Jarle Tangen

Loopfilm Productions AS

Loopfilm is Norways leading service company. We’ve been facilitating companies from all over the globe for more than 20 years.

Loopfilm and Norway offers the widest selection of winding roads, accessable glaciers, mountains, fjords, modern cities and stunning sceneries. All within a few hours apart.


Loopfilm is constantly working on being concious on how we treat nature and how we maintain the purity of the Norwegian wilderness. We leave no foot prints and recycle all we can. Norway have high standards on this issue, and Loopfilm follow these and always do our best to go one step further.




Locations in Norway

Norway has a wide range of spectacular landscapes; fjords, mountains, glaciers, beaches, forests and small villages made up of wooden houses. In contrast to this, there are also new, ultra modern parts of Oslo. It hosts Europe’s best infrastructure as well as its wildest nature.

Why come to Norway

  • extremely well organized country with great infrastructure

  • production friendly

  • high standard of crew and equipment

  • North Europe’s only Russian Arm, etc.

  • snow between November and April

  • glaciers all year round

Previous partners

Production houses: MJZ, Knucklehead, Smuggler, Tool of North America, BETC Production, QUAD Productions, The Family srl

Directors: Henry Hobson, Siri Bunford, Ivan Zacharias, Setve Mapp, Bruno Availlan, Alberto Colombo

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