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Marta Calheiros

Mamma Team | Portugal

Mamma Team is a full-service production company that facilitates international clients shooting in Portugal, by providing an extensive production service anywhere needed.

Mamma Team was born in Barcelona in 2005 and since then it has grown exponentially. Having originally mainly hosted worldwide clients requiring local service support for their (stills and TV) advertising shoots, Mamma Team has slowly but very surely got a firm hold in other areas of production. Counting among them documentaries, music videos, events, movie trailers and the creation, development, and executive production of content for multiple genres, including short and long format as well as, naturally, digital.

Since its establishment in Portugal in 2019, despite having had to deal with 2 years of Covid restrictions, we have developed rather an extensive pool of clients.


We work closely with, a local organisation.
We are currently working on joining Ag Green.




Locations in Portugal

Portugal offers a lot of accessible places. It takes less than five hours to travel from north to south Portugal by car. In addition, there are also six international airports, five international ports and an accessible rail network, ...and much more.

Locations: Beaches, castles, monuments, modern architecture, churches, parks, historical villages, walled cities, mountain sceneries, forests, plains, rocky slopes, valleys, caves, rivers, lagoons, jungles, and many more.

Why come to Portugal

  • low crew and talent rates (no unions)

  • no need for permits to shoot with children (aside from parental authorisation)

  • very easy to shoot with drones both in the city and outside

  • almost 300 days of sunshine per year and low precipitation levels

  • facilities, studios and equipment, fitted with the latest technology

  • skilled professionals - production teams have extensive experience

  • teams are mostly fluent in English (Spanish and French are also widely spoken)

  • affordable cost of living - great hotel offers and high-quality cuisine

  • stable and safe country - Portugal is the 3rd safest country in the world (Global Peace Index 2020)

  • quality health system - with a wide network of public and private

Previous Clients

MarkenFilm, Stereo Films, Staud Studios, Element E Film Production, Soup Film, Studio Eleven Forty, Quad Productions, And Production ...

Health Info

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