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Digital Spirit

Digital Spirit is a full service production company in Romania servicing jobs and multinational clients from allover the world.

Digital Spirit is a full service production company established in Bucharest, with over 12 years of experience in the world of film and international service production, servicing jobs and multinational clients from all over the world. Our activity focuses on the production of commercials and music videos as well as television and film production. Working with us brings you the best Romanian professionals on your set, putting together the fun part of filmmaking with our experience to achieve a smooth production.


As we are fully aware of our industry's impact on the climate and we are focusing on implementing the green production concept on all our productions, we are also planning to become part of an organisation (like Ad Green or similar) by the end of the year.




Locations in Romania

Known to be a picturesque country with large fields, rolling hills, mountains, the Danube delta and the Black Sea, Romania offers a variety of locations accessible within driving distances from Bucharest. At a glance, we cover almost any type and form of nature from steep alpine mountains, valleys with cinematic creeks to sandy beaches, spectacular mountain roads, and deep forests to urban cities. Bucharest is a multi architectural city with a French influence that is combined with modern skyscrapers and buildings as well as communist style buildings. The cities of Transylvania (like Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara) carry the German & Saxon architecture, medieval castles & fortresses. Backlots are also available locally (such as Boston Harbour, Western City, urban streets).

Why come to Romania

From top notch crews to the latest equipment on the market, spectacular locations to state of the art set builds, competitive prices and quotes to the best client orientated professional solutions, Romania offers the best work environment for any production, from small to big.

Previous Clients

Production Houses: Tempomedia, Zauberberg Productions, Anorak, Markenfilm, Czar, Park Pictures , Rattiling Stick, Somesuch&Co, CYLNDR ...

Directors: Joachim Back, Traktor, The Glue Society, Warwick, Nico Beyer, Sebastian Strasser, Psyop, Alex Feil, Thomas Skoging, Manu Cossu, Micky Suelzer, Andre Stringer, Claas Ortmann, Tore Frandsen, Jo n Barber, Dorian&Daniel, Rodrigo Valdes ...

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