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Ducan Live

DUCAN LIVE is a global media company that produces content for all digital platforms. It focuses on embedding value and creating immersive experiences for the audience.

Quality matters. With its unparalleled team of the industry’s greatest producers, writers and creative directors from our office in Seoul, South Korea, DUCAN LIVE delivers only the excellence in commercials, music videos, feature film, design, photography and events.

Locations in South Korea

South Korea is a gem of an island. It has volcanoes, mountains, untouched beaches and lush forests. Its capital city, Seoul, is full of neon bling (as any Asian city is), modern skyscrapers, busy streets, a bustling underground and is a city that never sleeps.

South Korea has ancient temples, houses, and ceremonies on the outskirts of the cities and in rural areas. Its cross between modern day and traditional ways are what make this country so unique.

Locations: beach and lake, road tracks, set, modern buildings/apartments, traditional Asian houses, Asian palaces, nature. 

Why come to South Korea

Korea has become a rising country for film locations. Many film producers are visiting Korea, and various content are being produced. We have a variety of locations and qualified staff. In addition, the project can be carried out cost-effectively.

Previous Clients

Directors: Adam Berg, Jamie Rafn, The Guard brothers, Michael Spiccia, Leonardo Dalessandri