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Mamma Team

Mamma Team was born in Barcelona in 2005 and since then it has grown exponentially. Having originally mainly hosted worldwide clients requiring local service support for their (stills and TV) advertising shoots, Mamma Team has slowly but very surely got a firm hold in other areas of production. Counting among them documentaries, music videos, events, movie trailers and the creation, development, and executive production of content for multiple genres, including short and long format as well as, naturally, digital.

Since its establishment in Portugal in 2019, despite having had to deal with 2 years of Covid restrictions, we have developed rather an extensive pool of clients.

Locations in Spain

Located in southern Europe, with the Atlantic ocean covering the north and south areas in very different styles and the Mediterranean all of the eastern coast, Spain is one of the most diverse countries in Europe. Its geography and climate variety makes it easy to travel from completely different locations such as wide deserts to snowed mountains, breathtaking beaches, high modern cities, medieval towns, etc, within a few hours. 

Spain has also been blessed with a long history of multiculturalism that contributed to the creation of different architectonic aesthetics all over the territory. From the Arabic-influenced southern palaces to Barcelona’s modernism, the options are endless

Locations: Modern & classic cities, mix of architectural styles,  beach, snowy mountains, deserts, lakes & rivers, green northern areas & meadows, highways, mountain roads, etc. 

Why come to Spain

One of Europe’s long term service destinations is Spain, thanks to over 300 days of sun each year, excellent & highly experienced English speaking crew, a diverse talent pool together with varied and spectacular locations to offer and great studio facilities.

Previous Clients

Production companies: Markenfilm, Radical, 1st Ave Machine, Tempomedia, Marken Crossing Berlin, Armored Paris, Stereo Films, Staud Studios, Element E Film Production, Soup Film, Studio Eleven Forty, Quad Productions, And Production ...

Directors: Johnny Green, Jan Wentz, Gustav Johansson, Alex Feil, Jean Claude Thibaut, Bruce St. Clair, Lutz Hattenhauer, Tibor Glage, Cadmo Quintero, Bruce Hunt, Sam Brown


We work closely with ecoeco – film, a local organisation and Ad Green.


For long format tax incentives please contact us and we will be happy to share details.