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Mats Wolgers

The Producers Sweden

The Producers is a production company based in Sweden with 20 years experience in production service.

The Producers Sweden consist of four executive producers with long and solid experience of commercial film projects. We offer services and advice at any stage of production, to advertising agencies, clients and production companies.

We can put together tailor made creative and production teams to fit any brief, big or small.




What locations can Sweden offer?

Sweden is located in Northern Europe and is a long and narrow country, over 1500 km between south and north. You can find white sandy beaches by the sea, deep spruce forests with lonely gravel roads, beautiful archipelagos, mountains with snow, lakes that you can drive on, and beautiful deciduous forests that shimmer in yellow and orange.

If you are looking for the rural red cottage by the small lake, it is here, and so are the beautiful bridges and roads for the car scenes.

We have beautiful cities located by the water, with both historic buildings but also new modern ones. There are ski resorts with good access and excellent accommodations, close to the tundra and vast landscapes with straight roads that cut through.

Locations: beautiful cities, archipelago, extensive fields, meadows and fields, sea, coast and white beaches, spruce forests, scales and tundra, snow and ice, ski resorts, modern and classic architecture

What advantages do you have in Sweden when shooting a commercial?

  • good crews & divers talent

  • long days half of the year & four seasons

  • talents and buyouts are cheap and negotiable

  • many good photographers

  • easy with space condition in general

  • the Swedish krona is low against the USD

  • crews speak English 

Previous partners

Smuggler, HBI-Films, C41, Pulse, Wanda ...

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