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Logo Feit Film AG | Switzerland

Claus Feit

Feit Film AG | Switzerland

Feit Film is a service company founded in 2013, based in Zurich, Switzerland at the gateway to the alps.

The service production company is owned and operated by executive producers Wiebke & Claus Feit.
Years of experience in budgeting and producing for international production houses and global brands.
Background in film- and foto production and brand managment in Europe, USA and Asia.
Great knowledge about on- and off snow locations from the peaks to the streets in the alps.
Large network of crew, suppliers and athletes for any terrain and any season.


We are producing Eco-friendly since 2020 by following the „GREENPRODUCTION“ rules of the Swissfilm Association.






Locations in Switzerland

  • Snow locations all year with the highest peaks in the alps

  • Picturesque swiss cities and mountain villages.

  • Skiresorts and alpine settings on glaciers 365 days/year.

  • Amazing outdoor- and extreme sports locations.

  • More than 1000 lakes in various landscapes.

  • Over 100 mountain passes with great road conditions.

  • Architecture/buildings by world-renowned architects.

  • Hometowns of Roger Federer and several Formula 1 drivers.

Why come to Switzerland

  • No restrictions for aerial filming with drones, helicopters and airplanes.

  • No restrictions for extreme sports stunts. 

  • Availability of the best helicopter and drone pilots worldwide.

  • Quick permitting for outdoor-, city-locations and roads.

  • Any kind of film equipment available. 

  • Large international talent diversity. 

Previous Clients

Production Houses: Independent Media, Prettybird, Anonymous Content, RSA Films, Hungry Man, Partizan, Archers Mark London, RadicalMedia, Sterntag

Directors: Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Paul Hunter, Jason Koenig, Juriaan Booij, Richard Bullock, James Spinney & Pete Middleton, Lennart Brede, Dan DiFelice

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