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Blue Sky Africa

Blue Sky Films is a Kenyan company that has been facilitating and producing outstanding film and television shows throughout East Africa for over twenty years. Our portfolio comprises of a wide range of productions ranging from television commercials to reality shows, documentaries, music videos and still photography shoots, to facilitating the production of major Hollywood films, such as “The Constant Gardener”, “Tomb Raider 2: Lara Croft-the Cradle of Life” and “The First Grader”.

Locations in Tanzania

Ranging from metropolitan African cities, mountains, rich green earth, forests, farmlands, great savannah, a spectacle of plentiful wildlife game, turquoise waters of the Indian ocean, sandy beaches, palm trees, mangroves, coral reefs and hidden coves, coastlines with ancient forts, winding passage ways of shore streets with beautifully carved wooden doors.

Why come to Tanzania

We have the experience of shooting all kinds of budgets in this region

Previous Clients

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