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Poo Sukumalanand

Many skilled Producers, PMs, DoPs, ADs, Location managers, and Stylists have been graduated from Big Blue. At Big Blue, we pride ourselves on an exceptional approach. As a local, we make production a breeze, offering cost efficiency and trustworthy at every stage. With unique personality, we come together for massive service, professionally, along with human touch as food and personal interests.

Locations in Thailand

Thailand is well renowned for its beaches and coastline, which covers a little over 3,000km, as well as its sparkling, clear blue water, islands, and rocks that jut out of the water. In addition to this, Thailand has stunning mountainous areas, temples hidden in jungles and set a top mountain peaks, caves, waterfalls, swamps, gorgeous coastal roads and rice fields. Culturally, Thailand has a wonderful mix of historic ruins, busy cities, modern architecture, floating markets and can double for other Southeast Asian cities. The mix of ancient culture and modern, city vibes make this a well sought after location for filmmakers.

Locations: Beaches, islands, old towns, rainforests, rivers, waterfalls, caves, rice fileds, tea plantations, floating markets, skyscrapers, roof tops 

Why come to Thailand

Thailand has been at the forefront of foreign productions for years. Its world-class shooting crew, latest filming equipment, quality locations, specialized hair technicians and high quality art direction, as well as highly-skilled technicians have attracted many international productions. Due to the wide availability of Caucasian and Pan-Asian casts, Thailand is the global hub for producing high quality hair and beauty films. Needless to say Thailand is also a fantastic tourism and culinary destination.

- We have the government unit called “Thailand Film Office” to help support and facilitate film and television productions in Thailand as the one-stop service; easy permitting

- Incentive program with cash rebate.

- With skillful crew and great choices of talents, the fee is appealing.

- World-class sound stage studio/ Underwater studio

- Studio with the full range of Virtual production facilities.

- Motion capture studio.

- Backlots, e.g. plane, train, Colonial style settings, buildings, streets

Previous Clients

Production houses
MJZ US, Biscuit Filmworks US, Zauberberg Germany
Soup Film Germany, Big Fish Germany, Wanda France, Kinoeye South Korea

Natalie Hills US, Anita Wetterstedt US, Timothy Kerrison US, Frederik Poppenk Germany, Dominik Meiss Germany, Rene Vann Kann Germany, Tim Katz UK, Yannick Le Bot France, Monica Tsou Hong Kong

Dante Ariola US, Noam Murro US, Ben Tricklebank UK, Matthias Zentner Germany, Michael Saulzer Germany, Kailash Surendranath India, Bart Timmer NL


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