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BITE Collective

At BITE, we represent a diverse range of talented food directors, content creators and photographers who are passionate about food and drink and the way it looks:

We have directors who shoot tabletop food, we have lifestyle/performance food directors, and we have a growing contingent of social content directors/influencers who cook, shoot and instagram their own films.

We are hugely experienced in our field, and have the resources and experience to produce all jobs in a creative and cost effective way for our clients. If you have a particular freelance talent in mind, we can welcome them to the Bite Collective and create your campaigns with them! There are no limits to your production! Please see the website for details.


We have teams of the best DOP’s, food stylists, special fx shops and editors and post houses who we work with regularly.

We have a fully kitted out studio with motion control rigs, phantoms, lenses and most recently a new bespoke virtual production studio.

In addition, most of our directors have their own studios with kitchens which we use for smaller shoots, test films and cook ups. We have great relationships with all the big studios who we shoot with regularly as well and are able to secure fantastic deals with them.

Previous Clients

Clients: Knorr, Birds Eye, M&S, Cocado, Aldi, Hovis, Ballantines, Asda, Fever-Tree, Hotpoint, Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsbury´s, Morrisons, Kellogg´s, Guinness, Johnnie Walker, Chiva, Cadbury, Mc Donald´s, KFC, Lindt&Sprüngli, Maggi, Häagen-Dazs, Burger King, Danone, Purina, Lipton

Directors: Charlie Stebbings, Gus Filgate, Niall Downing, Andy Saunders, Karen Thomas, Jonthan jones, The Visuals Team, FoodFilm


We work worldwide so are able to offer remote shooting from our studios to suit all client requirements.

Over the years we have worked with France, China, the USA, Germany among many, each time we are able to match time zones when required.