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Magdalena Garcia

We were born from the desire to collaborate with fellow directors, producers, photographers and global production companies in the execution of all content driven projects, at any scale. As we are a unique lineage of producers devoted to delivering immediate and accurate feedback, elegant production thinking, flexibility, precision and with special care for results, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is a beacon in each of our projects.

Powered by more than twenty years of experience, one of the foremost and award winning companies in the world, Landia brings together a global mastery of what superb and precise production service truly means.


Uruguay stands out as a remarkably efficient and enticing destination for filming. Few places in the world offer such versatility and a diverse range of locations within a maximum distance of 600 km, easily accessible through well-maintained and uncongested routes.

From pristine beaches to sprawling meadows, rural landscapes, cities, and structures with Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles, Uruguay annually captures the attention of discerning international productions seeking to recreate a myriad of global settings. The Uruguayan population, marked by a strong European heritage, is further enriched by a continuous influx of immigrants from the region, ensuring a broad spectrum of casting options.

Devoid of crowds and traffic jams, with conveniently located sites, seasoned professionals, and cutting-edge equipment, the filming experience in Uruguay proves to be not only efficient but also streamlined production timelines.


Uruguay is strategically located, just a 45-minute flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina and a 2-hour flight from SĂŁo Paulo, Brazil. With more than 1000 kilometers of coastline along the Atlantic Ocean and the RĂ­o de la Plata, and distances of no more than 600 kilometers between locations, the country offers a diverse range of landscapes for a wide variety of audiovisual productions.

From hillsiede beaches bordering hills to desert dunes, and vast rural areas, these settings coexist in close proximity to cities boasting a rich architectural heritage. Architectural styles range from modern designs to Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, and Colonial, providing a backdrop for diverse projects.

Previous Clients

Production Houses: IT’S US Berlin, Social Club, Honor Society, Suneeva, Blow Up Films, TFC Japan, Strike Anywhere, Photoplay, Secret Level, Aura Collective, Partizan

Directors/Producers: Max Luz, Henrik Hansen, Rodrigo Saavedra, Reynald Gresset , Kosai Sekine, Fernando Livschitz, Andrew Battista, Marco Gentile, Max Penk, Nono + Rodrigo, Lucrecia Taormina, Elsa Casadevall, Desirée Castelli Maestro, Emma Thompson, Steven Steiner, Patricio Perdomo, Jenny Beckett


We are part of Ad Green and Green The Bid since 2022. We also have our own sustainability projects.


  • 3 x Palm D´OR
  • 50 x Cannes Lions
  • 3 x Times Production Company of the Year at Ciclope Latino
  • Gold and Silver Ciclope BerlĂ­n
  • 6 x New York Festival
  • 5 x LIA
  • 28 x San Sebastian Festival


Additionally, the film industry receives strong backing from government institutions, making it easier to obtain permits. The proximity to Argentina and Brazil facilitates the exchange of crew, talent, and equipment with these countries.

With a long-standing reputation for safety and reliability, Uruguay actively fosters international business ventures by offering tangible benefits. In the audiovisual sector, production services for foreign companies enjoy VAT exemptions and can even receive a cash rebate of up to 25%. See more here.