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The GPN App

The GPN App


The GPN App provides direct access to the entire GPN network. Within our App we have provided all relevant contact details listed for the country / countries your are reaching. To speed up connectivity you can download the GPN pp to your home screen and get connected with any country in only one click. You are also able to contact our GPN service team.

Sounds good? Here is how to install:

How to install the app using iOS with Safari:
  1. Open up the share menu
  2. Tap "Add to Homescreen"
  3. Click "Add"
  4. Done!
How to install the app using Android with Google Chrome:
  1. Open up the three-dots menu of your browser
  2. Tap "Install app"
  3. Confirm the dialog by tapping "Install" again
  4. Close the browser and wait for the app to appear in your app list
  5. Done!