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For several decades we’ve all enjoyed the benefits of low-priced international travel, peace, and harmony. That began to change when Covid surfaced and has gained inertia with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.  Galloping prices related to energy, food, and other commodities have also added stress to an already fragile overwhelmed world.  

With the reality of air travel becoming more expensive, clients are more reluctant to travel internationally, and restrictions from Covid make it even more daunting to travel abroad.

GPN wants to ensure that our clients have cost effective and quality driven options when producing globally despite these concerns and restrictions, our REMOTE PILOT promotes travel and orchestrates production for you in over 100 countries while you, your crew, agency, and client supervise production from the comfort of home.

Our REMOTE PILOT is obviously not a scenario for all productions, clients and directors; however, it is an extremely time efficient and cost-effective way to shoot many projects when the situation is appropriate to do so.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you, to discuss location options, production strategies and finances. Together we will discuss your project needs and then determine the feasibility if REMIOTE PILOT is the right fit for you production.


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