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We’ve reached a milestone! GPN is celebrating 20 years of supporting and connecting global production companies so that we can offer the very best of the best to the world of film production.

Twenty years is a long time in this rapidly changing industry and we’d love to share our story and our vision for the future.

GPN, the Global Production Network, is a handpicked collection of award winning and well respected production service companies and table top studios internationally. GPN serves as a liaison, safety net, cultural translator and network for everyone who wishes to film abroad.

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“We found professionals that are just wonderful at what they do, and equally important, just good, decent human beings.” (Harry)

GPN was founded around the turn of the century by Harry Tracosas who has been in the film business since the late 70’s. Having traveled and filmed all around the world for many years, Harry saw the need to connect production companies globally and establish a safety net because nothing of this nature existed at that time. Harry had met some incredible people in the industry- people who were reliable, honest, trustworthy, committed to excellence and were just “good, decent people”. He knew that to have a global network for production service companies with these values could only be of benefit to all involved.

What began as an idea soon became a business and a business that has slowly grown over the years. GPN is a family- from the behind the scenes team in the GPN office to the production service companies and table top studios, which is now consists of over 50 companies in more than 100 countries.

The beauty of GPN is that it is value based rather than profit driven. Harry, and the new owner Julia Weichinger, are committed to having only companies in the network who stand by the core values of GPN.

“When production houses, agencies, clients and producers reach out to us, they will get the very best treatment. This is in our GPN DNA. It’s who we are and it’s what we do.” (Julia)

GPN has become a family where each member is responsible for themselves, as well as the community as a whole, and each member honors this philosophy of GPN. When GPN gives a recommendation out of their network, it is clear that this company will uphold the principles of accountability, integrity, mutual respect, transparency and above all, trust. Without this, the network would not work.

GPN has also recently added a virtual studio to its growing list of international production service companies and table top studios. GPN is pivoting and transitioning to meet the changing film market and to bring in companies who are the best at what they do.

Looking towards the future, GPN is expanding its reach into new countries, working with long format productions, possible streaming productions, live shows and continuing to serve the existing and future clientele with the absolute best possible service.

With twenty years under its belt, GPN continues to share its priceless experience with the leading film industry, uphold its company’s values and offer the best of the best to its clients. We at GPN look forward to many more years of service.