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GPN Panel Discussion at LBB & Friends Beach 2024

Join us for an illuminating panel discussion, 'Lights, Camera, Data: The Future of Production in the Digital Age,' hosted by GPN at LBB & Friends Beach 2024. Explore the forefront of advertising as influential voices in the industry dissect the impact of technology, sustainability, and global collaboration on production. Don't miss this 60-minute session on Thursday, June 20th at 3 PM, where we uncover insights, trends, and success stories shaping the future of production worldwide.

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MORNING- a service production company by LANDIA

Get to know more about MORNING, the new production service company by Landia, GPN’s partner in Mexico. MORNING handles all production services for Landia in Mexico and has expanded into Argentina and Uruguay.

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Interview with Mamma Team: "Without the best teams you can't work with the best clients".

Established in 2005, Mamma Team leads the field in TV and photography production across Spain and Portugal. With a core emphasis on assembling top-tier teams for each project, their success is fueled by a commitment to both client satisfaction and team cohesion. Executive Producers Albert Soler and Carla Genoud offer insight into the company's ethos and approach.

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Location inspiration: CANADA

Join us for an exclusive peek into Canada's cinematic allure! From Vancouver's coastal vistas to Montreal's historic streets, discover why Canada is the ultimate destination for filmmakers. Dive into breathtaking landscapes, top-tier infrastructure, and savory delights that make filming here an unparalleled experience. Don't miss out on this cinematic journey!

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Discover Martin & Lucky Strike: Their evolution over the years and thoughts on GPN

Learn more about Martin & Lucky Strike, how they have evolved over the years and his view on GPN.

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Location Inspiration: THE BALTICS

Are you on the hunt for the perfect filming location that seamlessly blends Northern European elegance with Eastern European affordability? Look no further than the Baltics, where precision meets flexibility and stunning landscapes await your lens.

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Location Inspiration: URUGUAY

Step into Uruguay's cinematic wonderland, where the fusion of natural beauty and logistical excellence beckons production companies to discover an unrivaled filming destination.
Uruguay is an ideal filming destination due to its beautiful landscapes, safety, government support, developed filming infrastructure, available local talent, competitive costs, and rich culture.

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Exploring Poland's Film Industry with “The Film Place”

GPN recently had the pleasure to speak with member Kasia Krynska from Poland’s “The Film Place” about Poland as a film location and the cast and crew that make up The Film Place.

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Ool Digital expands to North America

We are thrilled to announce that OOL Digital, our esteemed creative studio partner in Mexico, is extending its services across North America.

In this interview, we have the opportunity to speak with Dan Weissman, Executive Producer & Head of US Sales for Óol Digital. With a background spanning from collaborations with notable artists and extensive experience in the production industry, Dan provides valuable insights into Óol Digital’s journey.

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A Positive Text about the Most Positive Producer

For nearly 8 years Mr+ Positive (alias Peter Grasse) has been a part of the GPN network and we´re really happy to have him. It’s now time for a short recap about how Mr+ Positive was founded and how it became a part of our family.

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Location Inspiration: ARGENTINA

Argentina, with its cosmopolitan and culturally rich identity shaped by Native American, colonial Spanish, and global influences, presents a unique blend reflected in its architecture, cuisine, and vibrant people. The country's diverse landscapes, ranging from towering mountains to picturesque beaches, offer a stunning and cinematic backdrop for filmmakers, enhancing the visual richness with abundant waterfalls and showcasing a harmonious fusion of cultures.

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BLUE SKY FILMS ADRIATIC & AFRICA: latest project and locations

Discover Blue Sky Adriatic and Africa, a production company that transforms the diverse landscapes into mesmerizing images. Mario Zvan's expertise reveals the cost-effective and artistic potential of Croatia, Slovenia and Kenya that is just waiting to be discovered.

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Location inspiration: THAILAND

If you're a production company seeking the perfect backdrop for your next project, Thailand beckons with open arms. Here's why shooting in this Southeast Asian gem is a filmmaker's dream.

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GPN 2023: Successes, Challenges, and Global Filmmaking Trends

Join us for an insightful review of GPN’s 2023 journey by Harry, the visionary behind our company’s success. Brace yourself to be both curious and inspired by his profound insights. But wait, there’s more! We’re thrilled to present a special treat—a glimpse into the personal experiences of Hicham, our esteemed partner and director in Morocco. Prepare to be captivated by a unique perspective—a firsthand account of personal experiences with AI and the Hollywood strike.

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Moonlighting with Beccy Kellond and Shayne Brookstein

Over the years, the GPN family has evolved, witnessing a remarkable increase in women leading over half of its production companies in the network. In South Africa, Beccy Kellond and Shayne Brookstein of Moonlighting, a longstanding GPN member, stand out as a remarkable production company.

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Introducing Max Brady from Pull The Trigger

We love to showcase the remarkable talent of people that make up the GPN network. Our in depth articles about them offer history, background, projects and stories that honor their work and is a way for us to present them to our audience at large.

This month we have the pleasure of introducing you to Max Brady, executive producer and owner of Ireland’s production company Pull the Trigger.

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„Innovation at your service“

La Planète Rouge, established in Marseille in 2008, has become a premier force in virtual production, visual effects, and post-production. With a dedicated team boasting diverse skills and a commitment to innovation, La Planète Rouge has worked on notable projects, and in 2021, they introduced THE NEXT STAGE, a groundbreaking virtual production studio within PROVENCE STUDIOS.

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Unveiling Singapore's Production Powerhouse: Aasia Productions

Dive into the dynamic world of global production with Aasia Productions, Singapore's groundbreaking trailblazer led by the visionary Guilad Kahn, affectionately known as Gil. In a captivating journey born from a decade capturing wars and disasters globally, Gil founded Aasia Productions to fill a market void, transforming it into Singapore's first dedicated production services company.

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Harry & Julia – the heart of GPN

To celebrate GPN’s 20th year anniversary we had the absolute pleasure of interviewing both the founder, pioneer and driving force behind GPN, Harry Tracosas and the owner, Julia Weichinger.

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GPN is celebrating 20 years of supporting and connecting global production companies so that we can offer the very best of the best to the world of film production.

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Getting to Know Virginia Cooney of Rambler

Virgina Cooney of Rambler, GPN’s partner in Colombia, recently spoke with us about her path to film, her way to GPN and filming in Colombia. We’re excited to share more about partners around the world to give a glimpse of what’s happening within the GPN network.

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Unveiling the Essence of BITE

BITE represent a diverse range of talented food directors, content creators and photographers who are passionate about food and drink and the way it looks.

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Meet Michael McDermott from Gung-Ho Films in China

GPN recently caught up with Michael McDermott, owner and producer, of Gung-Ho Films in China to talk about filming in China, what’s happening post COVID and the pathway to Gung-Ho’s success in the international film market.

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Celebrating Women's Soccer: Hyundai's Tribute to the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup with the help of Nafta

Hyundai's partnership with Nafta and BONAPARTE has resulted in a film that not only celebrates the athleticism of female players but also pays tribute to the women who paved the way for their success.

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Location Inspiration: COSTA RICA and PANAMA

Explore a place where the beauty of nature combines with creative possibilities. Welcome to Costa Rica and Panama, a breathtaking paradise that offers amazing visuals and endless opportunities for your next creative project.

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How Effectiv Team invented a futuristic machine for O2´s new brand book

Finest handmade special effects: Our partner Effective Team showed their knowledge and experience in implementing complex projects with a high creative approach.

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Deutsche Telekom – serviced by Avion Films

Avion Films created an exceptional film for Deutsche Telekom that captures the carefree essence of Gen Z as they revel in a summer filled with boundless joy, freedom, and unforgettable music experiences curated by Electronic Beats.

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The future of filmmaking: Nafta, the first carbon-neutral production service in Estonia

Founded in 2009, Nafta Films is the largest new-generation full-service production house in Estonia, with a vision to make film production as environmentally friendly as possible.

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Behind the scenes at the KFC commercial with THE FILM PLACE

Once again, our friends at THE FILM PLACE had the pleasure of shooting a commercial with KFC France. Get some behind-the-scenes insights!

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Producing in one of the most geographically diverse countries

APU Productions is the leading production service company in Peru, with over 20 years of experience producing TV programs, feature films, commercials, documentaries and fashion shoots all over the country.

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An Interview with GPN's GM and Owner Julia Weichinger

Julia Weichinger is the GPN’s General Manager and Owner. She gave some behind the scenes of this decision and the key values behind the whole network.

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Celebrating Green Crew Heroes! - An Interview with S.A. El Khorazati

Green The Bid spoke with S.A. El Khorazati, MD/EP of production company The Talkies, among other things, about discovering his love of nature in Sinai.

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A film about the widest patty and camera movements

Combine the three most matching words - big tasty bacon- with chilli cheese. And you get a mouth-watering symbiosis ever. Produced by Natascha Brandt.

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Making-of a food commercial at The Garage

Business Insider documented a “day in the life” of the making of a food commercial at The Garage with director Steve Giralt.

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