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Harry & Julia – the heart of GPN

Julia Weichinger recently became the new owner of GPN, although she’s been a part of the team since 2011. For those of you whom have not yet had the pleasure of meeting Julia in person, we’d like to introduce GPN’s Owner and General Manager, the woman responsible for keeping GPN’s spirit alive and growing alongside Harry Tracosas.




Harry had this idea since the early 1990’s, before the internet existed, and made it a reality in 2002 when the internet had established itself as a massive tool for communication and global connection. He put together companies that he knew and trusted, researched companies that were working in countries that were production hubs and had significant production capabilities and in 2003, things began to take shape.

He went to Cannes yearly making new connections and re-connecting with the those in the industry and talked about GPN and his idea to bring the best of the best in film production globally under one roof.

Harry’s intention for starting GPN was centered around connecting good, kind, decent, honest, hard-working people who had something valuable to offer the film world rather than profit being the incentive. It’s a given that any business is set up to make a healthy revenue, but the driving force behind GPN does not come from setting out to make money. It comes from integrity, honesty, mutual responsibility and accountability for everyone involved. These are the core values which have sustained GPN for the past twenty years and what keeps it thriving as a top notch production services oriented business.

The foundation of GPN is that is a family. Each company has a responsibility to uphold GPN’s high standards because even though the companies are individual and working in different countries, they are all a part of the team that gives GPN its reputation as having the very best players throughout the world. Each company in GPN’s network honors its core values and this is what connects them in 100 countries worldwide.

Harry has handpicked the companies that are in the GPN network because he knows that these companies honor its philosophy. Their work, the way they treat their clients, team members, crew and productions mirror the beliefs that Harry has set as the basis for being a GPN member.


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Julia met Harry at 2008 in Cannes. They instantly clicked and understood each other on both a professional and personal level. Harry told her about GPN and Julia was immediately interested because it was something that she also thought was necessary in the film world. In 2009 Julia started using GPN as a producer and shot as her first project in Uganda, with Mario of BlueSky, a GPN production service company.

Fast forward two years and Harry asked if she’d like to join GPN as the European representative.

She began bringing the GPN network to European production companies. The first country to really get on board was the UK.

They immediately understood the concept and philosophy of GPN and loved it, especially the bonding and the safety net.

In 2022 Julia took over the role of General Manager for all of GPN.

Julia also saw the need to start a table top division as a part of the GPN network. “There are amazing people out there doing such cool things that I knew we need to connect and support them.  We now have 2 digital table top studios in our network. Our latest addition is the virtual studio La Planet Rouge in France.” Julia said.


It comes back to connection, to trust and to friendship. These are the principles that Harry lives by, that fuel him and that spurred him to create GPN and take it from an idea to where it is today. Keeping the human aspect to this ever changing world is what sets GPN apart from others in this business. This is a company based on trust, mutual respect, accountability and integrity- core values that will always prevail.

GPN continues to grow and expand. The aim is to work with new clients and go into countries that GPN is not yet serving. GPN has already started breaking into long format, independent films and non-scripted shows and will undoubtedly continue to uphold GPN’s high standards for production companies, agencies and clients around the world.

“I’m also very much looking forward to connecting with as many of our family members in person as possible as well as watching what these creative genius’ produce. This is what makes GPN such a special job, it’s always exciting and we can always learn new things.” -Julia