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„Innovation at your service“

Established in 2008 in the vibrant city of Marseille, situated in the southern part of France, La Planète Rouge has solidified its position as a premier entity specializing in virtual production, visual effects, and post-production. The dedicated team brings forth a unique blend of creative prowess and technical expertise, positioning the company as a go-to solution for the diverse needs of the film, fiction, advertising, and video clip industries.

Over the course of more than 15 years, La Planète Rouge has actively delved into the ever-evolving realms of image and sound technologies. The collaborative journey with producers, filmmakers, brands, and agencies has been characterized by a commitment to staying at the forefront of innovation. In 2018, La Planète Rouge proudly became a part of the esteemed DELTA ENTREPRISES' holding, further fortifying capabilities and expanding reach in the dynamic landscape of media production.

The company culture at La Planète Rouge is characterized by a hardworking ethos within a small yet talented team, dedicated to creating and innovating new storytelling approaches.

The team comprises individuals with diverse skills. Julien Climent, the Technical Director, brings a unique blend of editorial, technical, and artistic expertise. His meticulous attention to color and image quality, coupled with his technical acumen, contributes to the company's success. Benoit Maffone, the Virtual Production Supervisor, with a background in VFX supervision and Unreal operation on set, enriches projects with 3D content and a comprehensive vision from pre-production to post-production.

Since its inception, the team has worked on notable projects, including contributing to scenes in "The Nun II" directed by Michael Chaves and the Lionsgate series "The Serpent Queen." Noteworthy advertisements include a global Mercedes commercial directed by Quentin Deronzier and an Amex commercial set for global distribution.

In 2021, LA PLANÈTE ROUGE introduced a groundbreaking concept with the launch of VIRTUAL PRODUCTION. Leveraging their expertise in cutting-edge digital tools, they pioneered THE NEXT STAGE, a virtual production studio strategically positioned within PROVENCE STUDIOS, a subsidiary of DELTA ENTREPRISES. This innovative initiative is designed to cater to the diverse challenges presented by both French and international productions and platforms.

PROVENCE STUDIOS serves as an exceptional backdrop for THE NEXT STAGE, providing unparalleled shooting facilities in France. Spanning 22 hectares, with over 26,000 m2 of buildings, the site features a range of amenities, including sets, backlots, workshops, carpentry areas, dressing rooms, and production offices. These versatile infrastructures are designed to cater to the requirements of various types of shoots.

THE NEXT STAGE is unique in France

The studio, boasting a 50-million pixel LED wall pitch 2.5 scan 1/8, 4xDisguise VX2, 9xDisguise RX2 A6000 and 4090 RTX rendering servers and an integrated first-class lighting and robotics environment, proposes outstanding autonomy.

This new innovation captures the optical illusion of seamlessly blending foreground reality with background virtuality directly through the camera. The incorporation of increasingly sophisticated, photorealistic 3D renderings enhances the overall cinematic experience, disrupting the traditional production chain by bringing visual effects directly to the shoot. This transformative approach encourages a reevaluation of our relationship with natural scenescapes and provides greater creative freedom for scriptwriting.

THE NEXT STAGE – XR STUDIO revolutionizes filmmaking by offering a comprehensive set of tools for directors. Enabling real-time rendering, filmmakers can dynamically customize sets, manipulating elements like object placement, color adjustments, and lighting. The facility's post-production and grading rooms provide a rapid and critical assessment of daily footage, empowering filmmakers to make informed decisions promptly.

The studio excels in environmental control, facilitating seamless transitions between sets without being bound by time or weather constraints. This flexibility allows for shooting nighttime scenes during the day or extending a 10-minute sunset scene to meet specific requirements.

Unlike traditional green screen setups, THE NEXT STAGE provides actors with an immersive experience in the real set environment, enhancing their comfort and fostering instinctive reactions to on-set elements, landscapes, and events, resulting in more authentic performances.

Costs and scheduling are optimized with THE NEXT STAGE, as on-site management of catering, dressing rooms, hairdressing, makeup, fashion design, and storage reduces crew travel and focuses operations in one location. Additionally, the studio operates independently of weather conditions and eliminates the need for shooting authorizations.

Emphasizing environmental responsibility, THE NEXT STAGE controls its ecological footprint by managing its environment, minimizing travel, and avoiding heavy backdrop construction. Situated in Martigues, South of France, within the Ecoprod-labelled site of PROVENCE STUDIOS, the studio aligns with eco-friendly policies, creating a more sustainable filmmaking approach.

Perfectly located PROVENCE STUDIOS offers an ideal setting for national and international productions, just 20 minutes from major train stations and airports. This holistic filmmaking ecosystem caters comprehensively to the diverse needs of the industry.

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