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Unveiling Singapore's Production Powerhouse: Aasia Productions

In the bustling world of global production, where creativity and logistical prowess collide, Aasia Productions emerges as Singapore's trailblazer, solely dedicated to supporting foreign productions in the region. Founded by Guilad Kahn, affectionately known as Gil, the company stands as a testament to innovation, cultural fusion, and a dash of serendipity.

Gil's journey to Singapore was spurred by a decade-long expedition capturing wars and disasters worldwide. Recognizing a void in the market, he planted the seed for Aasia Productions, nurturing it into the first-ever dedicated production services company in the heart of Singapore.

The company’s ethos? Respectful, professional, fun, and socially aware. Their repertoire boasts a myriad of projects, from TV commercials to award-winning documentaries and corporate shoots, often collaborating with streaming giants like Netflix.

Amidst the successes lie tales that add a touch of whimsy to their endeavors. Gil recounts a comical pursuit of otters for a BMW ad—a saga that ended with their elusive appearance after a change in plans, epitomizing Murphy's law in action.

Aasia Productions doesn't just shine in creativity but also champions sustainability. They proudly align with Adgreen and Green The Bid, enforcing a stringent no-plastic policy on sets. Embracing diversity and inclusion isn't an effort but a natural stride, believing in the strength derived from cultural amalgamation.

The company's recent milestones include the acquisition of Singapore's inaugural car camera arm, elevating their work on projects like the mesmerizing McLaren - Tumi commercial.

Yet, despite their achievements, the advertising industry grapples with challenges—economic slowdowns, dwindling demand for quality, and constricted budgets favoring quick social media solutions over grandiose productions.


Singapore, in Aasia Productions' lens, embodies a harmonious blend of Eastern allure and Western modernity. It stands as a pristine, safe, and culturally diverse hub where filming mimics a global voyage without the constraints of snow or deserts.

The region's allure lies not just in its architectural diversity but also in its tropical climate, seamless logistics, and an eclectic blend of cultures and cuisines that fuel the creative spirit.

Topography-wise, Singapore offers a smorgasbord of filming locations—be it the iconic Marina Bay, the striking contrast between futuristic and colonial architecture, lush beaches, verdant jungles, or the dynamic Singapore River.

This nation's production scene, though burgeoning, benefits from road filming access and a rich tapestry of cultural backdrops, further amplified by the multifaceted vistas along the Singapore River.

Navigating the climate nuances becomes an art, with the tropical landscape demanding foresight and flexibility, steering clear of rainy seasons for outdoor shoots.

Fortunately, Singapore facilitates production with minimal bureaucratic hurdles, offering easy access, visa exemptions, and a burgeoning infrastructure that houses top-notch equipment, talent pools, and expanding studio spaces. And when local resources reach limits, neighboring giants in Indonesia and Malaysia extend their studios within a stone's throw.

In essence, Aasia Productions embodies Singapore's evolving prowess in global production, weaving together cultures, innovation, and a hint of unpredictability, creating a canvas where storytelling thrives amidst the confluence of worlds.

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