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Pedro CannavĂł

We were born from the desire to collaborate with fellow directors, producers, photographers and global production companies in the execution of all content driven projects, at any scale. As we are a unique lineage of producers devoted to delivering immediate and accurate feedback, elegant production thinking, flexibility, precision and with special care for results, our commitment to diversity and inclusion is a beacon in each of our projects.

Powered by more than twenty years of experience, one of the foremost and award winning companies in the world, Landia brings together a global mastery of what superb and precise production service truly means.

Locations in Argentina

Argentina offers a fascinating mix of architectural styles, with European, North American and Latin American looking cities. It also offers a stunning variety of landscapes, from towering mountains to rolling hills, vast green plains, meandering rivers, serene lakes, picturesque beaches, dramatic cliffs, icy glaciers, arid deserts, and even salt flats. The country provides a cinematic backdrop for a wide range of film projects, and the abundance of waterfalls further adds to the visual richness of our landscapes.

Locations: European/American architecture cities, modern, old, neverending landscapes, mountains, lakes, jungle, tropical, winding roads, glaciers, rivers, beaches, waterfalls, unspoiled locations

Advantages or why to come to Argentina

  • Excellent casting, with a wide variety of ethnicities (Afro American, Asian, Caucasian, Nordic, Latin) at very competitive rates.

  • Known for its cultural diversity, the cities offer a wide variety of architectural styles in one location, you can effortlessly capture the essence of Paris, Rome, Madrid, New York, London, Berlin, and more.

  • The permitting process is streamlined, with permits taking between 4 to 5 business days.

  • Access to top-tier equipment including high quality cameras, lenses, cranes, lights, drones and even a Russian Arm.

  • Long periods of good weather and long sunny 16 hours days in the summer

  • Oppostite weather versus northern hemisphere

Previous Clients

Production Houses: IT’S US Berlin, Social Club, Honor Society, Suneeva, Blow Up Films, TFC Japan, Strike Anywhere, Photoplay, Secret Level, Aura Collective, Partizan

Directors/Producers: Max Luz, Henrik Hansen, Rodrigo Saavedra, Reynald Gresset , Kosai Sekine, Fernando Livschitz, Andrew Battista, Marco Gentile, Max Penk, Nono + Rodrigo, Lucrecia Taormina, Elsa Casadevall, Desirée Castelli Maestro, Emma Thompson, Steven Steiner, Patricio Perdomo, Jenny Beckett


We are part of Ad Green and Green The Bid since 2022. We also have our own sustainability projects.


  • 3 x Palm D´OR
  • 50 x Cannes Lions
  • 3 x Times Production Company of the Year at Ciclope Latino
  • Gold and Silver Ciclope BerlĂ­n
  • 6 x New York Festival
  • 5 x LIA
  • 28 x San Sebastian Festival