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Blue Sky Adriatic

With over 20 years of experience ranging from TV commercials, documentaries, music videos, TV series to facilitating major films such as "The Lion King", "The Constant Gardener", "Tomb Raider 2" etc., Blue Sky Films provides production service solutions at the highest level in even the most challenging environments. We have experience working with award-winning directors and stars on a wide variety of productions around the world. And in Europe, we specialize in the Adriatic region, which offers immense variety in a compact geographical region, from the Alps in the north to the Mediterranean just an hour away.

Locations in Macedonia

As a crossroad between east and west, North Macedonia offers unique landscapes and urban  areas with various religious and cultural backgrounds. Urban architecture varies from Roman and Middle Age to Industrial. An important mention is modern Socialist era concrete Brutalism, which is set close to rural areas and still preserves different cultural customs. There are more than 500 churches and monasteries scattered throughout the cities and rural areas or are carefully hidden in the mountains. There are also  breath-taking vistas set against pristine landscapes which have mountain trails, rivers and waterfalls. Macedonia also has Lake Ohrid, which is an inland lake, with its sandy beaches and Mediterranean climate.

Why come to Macedonia

North Macedonia is an extremely beautiful and filming friendly country. It has yet to be discovered by the mainstream film industry, thereby offering still uncharted and undetected locations. It has a large proportion of sunny days and a relatively warm climate- offering an opportunity to shoot throughout the year. General costs of qualified crew and accommodations are low. 

Previous Clients

Anonymous Content, RSA, Radical Media, Park Pictures, Tool of N/A, Kode Media, Iconoclast, The Family, BLM Hamburg, Markenfilm, Primo Film, Filmmaster, White Label, Framestore, Believe Media, Native Content, Anorak Film, Stink Studios, Mt. Melvil, TYO Productions ...


Some of our crew members have gone through Adgreen training, and for the rest of them we plan to organize it by the end of the year.


North Macedonia offers a rebate for Feature films, Documentaries, TV Films and TV series of the amount equal to 20% of the gross expenditures made in Republic of North Macedonia, with an amount of local spend no less than €100,000.