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Logo LCA Producciones | Nicaragua

Gustavo Paris

LCA Producciones | Nicaragua

Top level production service company since 1992 offering production services, equipment rental, location scouting, talent and still photography.

Since 1992, LCA Productions has produced close to 500 commercials and supported roughly 100 production services. We’ve established an international reputation for delivering the best service, that works around the clock with precision and punctuality, maximizing resources to support efficiency of your budget.

We are a Latin American top tier production house that provides high-end production services and support for commercials,feature films, TV series, photo shoots, documentaries and corporate videos. We also offer logistic support, location scouting and equipment rental throughout Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua.

Our professional crew of seasoned veterans are hand-picked for each production and our latest gear and technology provides what our clients need for any shoot on any terrain.

Our experience and knowledge of the region is unsurpassed.


We are doing the following on all our productions:

  • recycle areas in the office and on set (for crew and client areas)
  • reusable water bottles; refill stations for water, Gatorade and Ice tea
  • drivers are instructed to always turn off the vehicles while parked or waiting to reduce footprint
  • print only when really needed, try to be as paperless as much as possible



Locations in Nicaragua

Nicaragua offers very specific locations and clients look for this location when strictly needed due to facilities they already have in the country. Location options include farms, active volcanoes, water bodies such as Lake Nicaragua and the colonial city of Granada. 

Why come to Nicaragua

  • little support for foreign productions due to its current political environment

  • government support is very limited

  • this environment is better for low key, small productions that move quickly

  • resources are limited but there is some availability in crew and equipment

  • RED camera available and some lighting equipment

  • drone usage is not allowed due to political constraints

Previous Clients

Production Houses: Supply and Demand, RSA Films

Directors: Lucy Walker, Neels Castillon


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